I love Fitness, Food (especially coffee, tacos, waffles and biscuits and gravy), reading, building databases, complex spreadsheets, fishing, hiking, cycling, running, lifting weights, and model railroading. Am I a geek? Yes, I am. However, I am a bit of a redneck, too. I was in 4H and FFA. I raised pigs. My favorite things to wear are jeans and cowboy boots.

Continued- The Long Version…

I was born and raised in a small Northern California town called Placerville. Placerville is between Lake Tahoe and Sacramento. I lived there for a good 25 years before moving to the Sacramento Area. I love Placerville, but at the time, was starting to outgrow the small town. I had a small child, and commuting to Sacramento every day for work and daycare just wasn’t feasible as the longer the commute, the less quality time I got to spend with my son, Cody. At the time, I was working in West Sacramento, and with traffic, it would take me sometimes 90 minutes both morning and night, to get home.