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The Number One Thing Buyers and Sellers Should Do

The number one thing that buyers and sellers should both do is find a real estate agent.  Finding an agent is the very first step in purchasing a home or selling a home because an agent should be navigating you through ever step of the process.  From helping the buyer find a lender, to helping the seller on deciding the perfect selling prices all the way through offers, negotiations, escrow, inspections and all the other little sub-processes involved in real estate transactions.


Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent to Work With…


It should go without saying, but I will mention it, when trying to decide on an agent, look for competence.  I think pretty much every agent should have this, but you will know if they don’t.  Don’t be afraid to test the waters by asking the agent a few questions.  Listen to their answers.  See if they sound confident or hesitant. Next, pick an agent that seems passionate about real estate.  I know it might seem silly, but I think a great agent is one that is passionate about the field of real estate.  Next is to find out how responsive they are with regard to communication and response time.   Meaning, ask the agent how long it usually takes them to respond to their clients.  This can be a deal breaker for some.  Some agents are quick to respond and others are not.  If you know that you like a quick response and the agent you are interviewing indicates that they respond every few days, then you know this agent is probably not going to be a good fit.  Lastly and this is the biggest one.  Make sure that you actually like the agent.  Could you see yourself interacting with them on a daily or weekly basis over the course of weeks or months?  Do you enjoy being around them.  Do they have a personality that fits yours? 


In short, choose an agent that is passionate about real estate, is competent, their response time meets your criteria, and is someone that you enjoy interacting with.

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