You are currently viewing Smoking a Brisket using Butcher Paper instead of Tinfoil

Smoking a Brisket using Butcher Paper instead of Tinfoil

Smoking a Brisket using Butcher Paper instead of Tinfoil

Now I don’t claim to be an expert meat smoker.  I am a weekend dabbler who has been smoking meat for the last five years.  Like I said, I am by far no expert; however, I feel like I am getting pretty good at smoking meat.  On my own, I have learned some new tricks and with the help of some online tutorials I have learned even more. 

Since I first started smoking meats, I smoke the meat for a certain amount of time unwrapped and then wrap the meat in tinfoil and cook it the rest of the way.  Wrapping the meat helps break the meat down and keeps it from drying out.  Wrapping your meat also keeps smoke out.

Wrapping in tinfoil has worked really well so far.  However, on of my biggest problems with smoking pieces of meat (mostly beef) like chuck roast , tri tip, and brisket is that I get a nice bark on my initial unwrapped smoke, but when I wrap the meat in tinfoil, I lose the bark and the meat almost tastes like a smoked pot roast.  Not that there is anything wrong with pot roast, but I am looking for more of that BBQ flavor and texture.


This is where one of my online tutorials comes in. I found that most of the “expert” smokers wrap their beef in butcher paper.  It keeps the moister in, helping to break down the meat, while leaving the bark on the smoked beef while giving you that desired BBQ flavor.  I am going to attempt using butcher paper, for the first time, on a brisket.  I will provide an update in another post as to the result.  I am excited and have some lofty expectations.

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